Thursday, September 6, 2012

Here we go!

I should probably take up jogging, but today - it's blogging.

Whenever anyone has asked what I like to do, or what I dream of doing one day, my answer has been 'to write.'  However, I'm not so great in the follow-through department, and it has taken me years of saying I write to actually write this - my first blog post.

The title of the blog is a tribute to my two lives.  I am the co-host of a morning radio show.  My husband is my co-host.  More on that later.  'Marconi' is for the first scientist, Guglielmo Marconi, to achieve successful radio transmission.  (If there's any kind of transmission to be famous for, I guess that would be the one to shoot for.)   

I'm also a mom.  Mother of three, as of late.  As a mother, I am constantly telling my kids to "say cheese!"  In my job I say a lot of cheesy jokes.  As a mom, a DJ on the go, and as a plain old lazy cook, I also make lots and lots and lots of -- you guessed it.  And like the comfort food, our show aims to be "comfort radio."  We want our audience to feel like they're hanging out with friends.

I have a few reasons for feeling the need to blog all about it.  I want to keep record of raising my kids because they're the sweetest and funniest beings on the planet and it would be sad to forget the fundamental hilarities that will make them who they are.  And, I just think life is too short not to laugh at it.  Humor is essential to keeping the sanity in my marriage, job, and raising kids.  I'd also like to show my kids that if you really love to do something, you should do it.  It doesn't need to be recognized for greatness or make you money.  If I'm the only one who actually ever reads what I write, I will still so enjoy reading back on it.

So welcome to my little blog.  Hope you enjoy, but if you don't, that's alright.  There are always cat videos.



  1. You told me about this goal long ago. I'm glad you're moving forward with it. I look forward to reading. Like you, I like to write, too- but I love to be read!

  2. welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :)

  3. As a parent of a 29, 20 16, and 5 year old...I live eat and breath all of the phases of the toddler, teenage, 20 yr know it all, and 29 I can do anything phases..I learn to listen more, react slower, think before offering an opinion, and like Amy, LAUGH...I feel too old to chase the 5 yr old, not brave enough to wrestle the 16 yr old, match wits with the all knowing female version of me( 20 yr old) and keeping up with Romeo the 29 yr old...I breath alot, think too much, and count to 10 a million times a day,,,